1000 ways to waste working time

In answer to the question, how, oh how can I waste some more time while at work, here’s 1000 ways to waste working time, which I, given me, would re-title: “1000 ways to refresh the soul and rekindle the spirit while at work.”

Let me exemplify, numerically speaking, by selecting the first ten:

  1. Approach someone at work you don’t know and say hello
  2. Add up a series of numbers your social security number, your date of birth, your telephone number, to see if the total is divisible by seven
  3. Add up your debts
  4. Annoy a friend
  5. Argue with a colleague about who is the best football quarterback ever
  6. Arm wrestle with a colleague
  7. Arrange a protest march for a cause you believe in
  8. Arrange a seating plan for the office
  9. Arrange to meet a friend in the washroom to chat
  10. Arrange unpaid bills by date order

Which leaves you with 990 more still to read. In fact, not to be overly meta, but there are at least 1001 ways to rekindle the spirit while at work herein illustrated, the additional one being the reading of the list. And, should you need yet further inspiration, you perhaps could even do more spirit rekindling, seeing if you can come up with working time wasters not already on the list.

via In4mador

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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