DeepFUN Meditation Classes

DeepFUN meditations help you reconnect with the world, and become “one with the fun.” They are active meditations, involving mind, body, self and community. DeepFUN meditations are fun- and thought-provoking exercises that reconnect you to fun, in the deepest meaning of the word, bringing wholeness and renewal and profound belly laughs.

Each DeepFUN meditation involves three elements: focus, play and reflection. The focus is fun. The play experience is through “pointless games” - actually scoreless – funny fun games that are engaging, safe, and played in a nonjudgmental environment. Each meditation concludes with a process of reflection that is collective, open-ended, highly instructive and also fun.

DeepFUN Meditations are 45 minutes long – just long enough to get released, re-energized, realigned and restored.

DeepFUN Meditation Classes are offered as a series six, 45-minute meditations, meeting twice a week for three weeks. Since each DeepFUN Meditation is different, repeat participation brings more fun, more deeply. The fee for the series is $75. Drop-in is $15.

DeepFUN Meditations are developed and led by Bernie DeKoven, the “Guru of Glee.” Bernie’s exploration of “fun as a spiritual path” has led him to write a book (the Well-Played Game), a website (, a curriculum (Interplay), award-winning games, worldwide trainings, and to achieve widespread recognition as a pioneering teacher of fun.

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