Laughter, Cont'd

Yesterday, sacred wife Rocky and delightful friend Robin and I were sitting on the beach, practicing laughing. Rocky had told us about her discovery of the healing power of Laughing While Driving and was demonstrating her deep-belly-frustration-release laugh.

It's an amazing gift, this ability to make ourselves laugh, even without the aid of anything particularly fun. It's healing, releasing, and probably the closest thing we have to being able to tickle ourselves.

This led me to scouring the web for more on laughter therapy. Which led me to this quote:

"A woman came to me at a workshop and said, after some crying, that she'd like to be able to laugh about her ovarian cancer. I suggested that she say 'I have ovarian cancer, tee hee.' The 'tee hee' was up in her head and it didn't make her laugh. So then I suggested that we move down her body's energy centers. We started with "I have ovarian cancer, heh, heh.' That came from her throat and it, too, brought no response. She continued: 'I have ovarian cancer, ha, ha.' Nothing. We finally reached the actual area of her ovaries. "I have ovarian cancer, ho, ho.' With that she'd hit the tension area around her ovaries. The idea, the whole thing, was so playfully painful that it triggered her laughter. Soon she was laughing spontaneously and feeling much better, specifically about her cancer. Charlie Chaplin believed that the formula for laughter was to take pain and play with it. This is the method I use to help people laugh about the unlaughable."

from the Laughter Therapy website ( of Dr. Annette Goodheart.

Pursuing this theme led me to Rx Laughter - a "nonprofit comedy Therapeutic Entertainment, Research and Health Education project in our 3rd year at the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center, the Mattel UCLA Children’s Hospital & the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute & Hospital. This is the first project ever to use humor as a healer for seriously ill children and adolescents and in this large and long-term scope and design."

This is pretty much definitely going to be a new component of my DeepFUN Retreats, if it isn't already.


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