Reaching Primal Glee

We've been talking about fun on the DeepFUN community board . Not much of a surprise, that.

Roger Greenaway wrote: "The kind of fun that needs defining or understanding before it can be fully appreciated is probably much less fun than the kind that doesn't."

I replied:

At DeepFUN Retreats we use the word "fun" to describe things that people usually don't think of as having anything to do with fun. We begin including experiences like "flow" and aimless walking, daydreaming and drinking tea, conversing and meditating. As the definition of fun enlarges, so does the sensitivity to fun. It's as if there's a fun-threshhold that begins to lower, or an awareness that begins to strengthen. The result is more fun, more often. And some of the fun is very deep, penetrating, illuminating. And some is remarkably light and slight.

I think, along with the increase in our sensitivity to fun, our general receptivity to fun increases. So we become fun-prone - more aware of, more open to, and more able to have fun when the opportunity presents itself, and create fun when the opportunity has yet to appear.

Now, if you're talking about those moments of irreducibly Primal Glee - - I agree. I don't think anything can prepare us. On the other hand, I do think that a deeper understanding, that conversation and contemplation, all contribute to the possibility that such moments yet await us.

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