Fun, community and life expectancy

Stefani writes to the DeepFUN group:

Not seen any on fun and life expectancy, but there is
plenty of research on something related. community.
Most of the longest lived communities and individuals
have strong family or community ties. They feel loved,
cherished, that they are an essential element in the
happenings of daily life, and it imparts a sense of

Fun is more fun when it's done with others. Laughter
and sharing is a strong motivation to stay around.
When you feel you don't fit anymore, when all around
you who use to share in your fun have died, or it
becomes difficult to play, laugh and enjoy (due to
pain, illness, etc), I think that's when many let go.

Out of curiousity, I started searching for "life expectancy and community" and arrived at this rather sobering site called "" - just in case you want to start thinking in terms of revising expectations.

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