Swami Beyondananda Opens New Online Om

Swami Beyondananda, he of serendipitous silliness, has launched his much improved website chock full of swamiisms. Want to know more? Here's an excerpt from his bio:

The Swami came of age during the “sects revolution,” and Swami too experimented with wild sects. He became a follower of the guru of rock ‘n roll, Baba Oom Mow Mow (his was a simple philosophy ... “Do wop unto others as you would have them do wop unto you” ...), and this in turn led him to explore Presleyterianism; he even became an Elvis’s Witness for a short while, presleytizing door-to-door and asking, “Are you lonesome tonight?”

He went through a period of great exploration, confusion even, and he now says, “I tried so many spiritual paths, I was pathological.” He became addicted to Spirit (“I was hitting the Source pretty hard in those days”) and finally hit bottom. As the Swami tells it, “I woke up one morning in a strange biker crash pad with a terrible sugar hangover. Everything reeked of incense, and I looked around and those bikers all wore orange leather vests and strange ponytails. And that’s when it occurred to me. I had become a Harley Krishna!”

At that moment, Swami looked in the mirror and attained Fool Realization. “I realized, ‘I’m a fool!’ and there’s nothing to do but laugh.” Since that time, the Swami has been practicing FUNdamentalism (with the accent on “fun”) and has as his mission to increase the laugh force on the planet so that “everyone can see farce fields and hear the laugh track.”

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