Fun and Work

Doug Germann writes: "We need more play at work. Any ideas what we can do in a small office (3 of us) to make a playful atmosphere?"

I'd suggest two different approaches. First: ackowledge the fun of work. Spend some time, at least once a week, maybe during a staff lunch, talking with each other about what was fun that week. You might take a look at an article I wrote on "Fun and Flow" - it could help give you a common language for talking about fun and related funonema.

Actually, just bringing fun into focus as a living, functioning, integral aspect of your work together goes a long way towards making work more fun.

Next, set aside 45-minutes each week as a Fun and Games sesssion. Have someone bring in a game that he or she likes to play. Especially a game that might make people laugh. This F&G sesssion doesn't have to be at work. It doesn't have to be during work. It doesn't even have to be just with the people in the office (inviting the significant others always adds a certain other significance). And don't just play the game. Make it the rule that the person who introduces the game has to also teach a favorite variation. If there isn't one, make one up together. A game that you change together becomes a shared property - a manifestation of your community.

Then, of course, there are toys. O, so many toys. I find the toys from Office Playground to be consistently office-worthy. And then there's Fidgets.

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