Party Games for Adults and Family

Here's a sweet collection of games for a Fun Night with friends and neighbors-who-could-be-friends.

A few of my favorites:

Fruit Croquet
We play a game for guys only, but everyone can play!. You'll need a pair of pantyhose and 2 oranges or apples per person or if a relay per team. Take one orange or apple and place it in one leg of the pantyhose. Now tie the pantyhose around the players waist (it can go through belt loops) so that the fruit is in the front of the person and between their legs. Place another piece of fruit on the floor between their feet. Now they players must use the fruit in the stocking to move the fruit on the floor from the starting line to the finish line. If individual players the first one across the line wins. If you are playing teams then it becomes a relay where the pantyhose must be exchanged from team member to team member and the first team to have each person complete their section wins. NOTE: This game is best played outside or on an easy to clean surface. Not recommended for carpets!
(if the between-the-legs humor is too adultish for some, just hold the pantyhose-handled fruit thingy like a croquet mallet - less suggestive, and still hilarity-evoking)

Silent Charades.
On little pieces of paper, write up a bunch of things to act out in pairs. You will need to know how many people are going to play so that you have the correct number of papers. (2 pieces of paper with the same thing on it--ie: ballerina, ballerina, elephant, elephant, etc.) Put them all into a hat mixed together and have everyone draw out one piece of paper. When everyone has a charade, say go, and everyone begins to act out the charade on their piece of paper. The object of the game is to find the person with the same charade as yours. When you find the person that has the same thing as you, sit down on the ground.

After the game is over, have everyone ask their partner what they were, if they were wrong they are out. There can also be a prize for the first pair that sits down. This game is the most fun when you can make each thing pretty difficult to act out.

Bubble Gum Game
This game can be played as a relay race or be based on individual times. Split your guests into teams of 3-5 people. Get some paper plates, bubble gum, and whipped cream (in a can). Put a piece of bubble gum on the plate and swirl the whipped cream over it until the bubble gum is completely covered. Then have your guests dig through the whipped cream and find the bubble gum. Here's the catch, players must keep their hands behind their backs and dig through the whipped cream with their faces! Once they find it, they must chew it and blow a fairly good sized bubble. Go through until every one has had a turn. The person who blows the bubble first is the winner. You can also do several rounds until you have one winner. *Depending on what your guests wear, you may want to have a towel or garbage bag to use as a bib.

For a related, more traditional version of this game, see Flour Mound as found on The Party Games Idea Resource Page - another valuable resource for similar shenanigans.

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