Why Recess?

This, found in the archives of the Center for Disease Control, was written in response to a growing trend in the US and UK, especially, towards eliminating school recess.

Recess periods, which are regularly scheduled periods within the elementary school day for unstructured
physical activity and play, provide another opportunity for daily physical activity, along with social and
cognitive benefi ts. Some large school districts have, in recent years, eliminated recess altogether, reportedly
due to safety concerns and a desire to increase time for academic instruction. However, studies have found
that (1) students who do not participate in recess become fi dgety and less able to concentrate on tasks
and (2) the longer children sit in classrooms without a recess break, the less attentive they become. Recess
also offers students one of their few opportunities during the school day to interact and develop social
skills, such as negotiating and cooperating, with minimal adult interference.

...all of which makes me understand why my advocacy of adult recess seems to have been largely ignored by the corporate universe.


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