Writing Across the Arts - From Art Criticism to Art Play

I was Googling for Art Play and came across this weblog named "From Art Criticism to Art Play" - a weblog that is part of a course being taught by Barbara Ganley at Middlebury College. The purpose of the course, she explains, is:

To explore and write about the arts in 2002 can be an exhilarating though baffling journey through traditional, academic and journalistic print forms and new, often non-print forms, including hypertext and multi-media texts. Some arts writers are playing with a blurring of writing genres and a breaking open of forms, even stepping past writing to enter the artform itself. Certainly it is a most interesting and confusing moment to be writing about art, now when our very notions of what makes good arts writing as well as what makes good art are in flux.

This find makes some big connections for me. The art/play connection, which, of course, so to speak, is central to helping me understand the power of fun. The learning/weblog connection which gives me so much hope for the promise of co-creative, collaborative, on-line learning. The work of the Center for Educational Technology which happens to have the wisdom to be working with one of the closest of my virtual friends, Bryan Alexander

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