Chance and Odds

A correspondent asks:

"I'm a final year Graphic Design student...struggling to find research about 'chance'. This year all the students have the opportunity to write their own projects. I had the starting point of paper, which progressed to playing cards and tarot cards, which then developed to the theme of chance. I am trying to convey through my project that life is made up of chances, and that the smallest chance (whether you walk or take the car)can make a huge difference to your own life and the life of someone else. Unfortunately, although I find this topic extremely interesting I am having difficulty in researching and coming up with ideas of how to visually portray the idea. Any pointers? Do you know of any really interesting everyday chances that can affect you? Just anything that you can do to help me, even a general summary of your thoughts on this matter would be extremely useful."

And behold and lo, I find, amongst my myraid musings, this article: Chance & odds: Accounting for nature and other more or less wild things and also this one on the solitaire game Gaps. So I send the links and look forward to the reply - a most welcome challenge, this search for a way to portray the play of chance in everyday life.

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