Skully - a kind of shuffleboard played with bottlecaps - is probably history now. It's a history that shouldn't be in books, but, somehow, out in the streets again, or, at least, thanks to this site, online. Because it was a kid-made game, it stimulated creativity as well as skill-development, experimentation as well as socialization.

Here's an excerpt from the section on how to make a good Skully bottlecap.

I've used almost every top imaginable. Pop off and twist off soda tops, glass rings from the bottles, etc. I had a top for every situation. I even used the plastic covers from coffee cans, I'm talking the 3 lb and 5 lb cans. You had to see the looks on the other kids faces and the fights when I took one of those out. One of my favorite tops was the white plastic pop tops you used to get from the prescription medicine pill bottle. In the days before child proof caps.

Another favorite was the desk and chair gliders from school. The secret to a good top was the weight. The large tops were good for blasting the other kids tops into the next neighborhood but for normal game play you needed a top that was as low to the ground as possible and heavy. 95% of the time when people tried to blast me, they would just wind up flying right over the top of my cap and chasing there top down the block.

My secret to making a good top (since my days of playing skelly are long gone I guess I can let it out now...). Like I said it was the weight. The way I accomplished this was to take a medicine top or later on, a chair glider. Before I would melt the wax in it. I would place a penny or a nickle, depending on how much weight I wanted, in the bottom of the top. Then I would melt my wax on top of it. This would give me a small heavy top that would glide the length of the street if I wanted it to.

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