Jacksonville Corkball

Ever play Jackson Corkball?

According to Greg Larson:

...The name of the game is correct. The ball is a cork, the quart vacuum variety, coated with several layers of adhesive tape.

One local sporting goods store sells corksticks (they aren't called bats), but most of them are old broomsticks, shovel or mop handles cut down to the allowed 36 inches.

Each team is comprised of two players - a pitcher and a catcher. The original version of corkball, invented by Chuck Rogers in 1937, consisted of baserunning and nine players per team. It quickly evolved, however, to its present simple structure.

The pitcher stands 27 feet from home plate and delivers the cork in an underhanded fashion by flipping it off the first knuckles of his middle two fingers. Experienced corkball pitchers make the cork react much like a major league knuckleball.

Good corkball pitchers can throw the cork into the strike zone at 60 miles per hour, which is high school speed when translated into baseball terminology.

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