Blast It!

The first thing you need to know about Blast It! is that it's not Boggle. It looks like Boggle. It's got letter cubes (though not as many). And you do shake them up. And you do try to use them to spell as many words as possible before time's up. And you do write those as-many-words-as-possible on a sheet of paper in strained silence. But, it's not. Boggle, that is.

Blast It! is very much its own game. And it's very much fun for anybody who can spell and write.

There are five letter cubes and a deck of 55 question cards. Question cards like: "What do you wish to get as a present?" and "Which vegetable would you not plant in your garden?"

You should already be getting a sense of what makes this game unique. You're not looking for any old word. You're looking for words that kinda more or less answer the question. Words that use at least one of the letters that appear on the letter cubes. And, the more letters used consecutively, the higher your score. Suppose, for example, you're answering the "present" question. And the letters you get are A G V O and C. So, you write down, maybe: APPLES, GEMS, GLOVES, CAT. And, since CAT has both C and A, consecutively, it's worth 5 points, so you write down every CAT word you can think of that is remotely connected to the question, like: CATHEDRAL (a fine present that would be) CATALOGUE (could be fun) but perhaps not CAVERN, though, arguably, maybe. Which is another fun thing about this game - the arguability of it all.

Finally, the timer, which is electronic (you need two "AA" batteries), and kinda random, and loudly ticking, and integrated into the base of the dome, in which are sealed the letter dice, so nothing gets lost. All of which adds to the elegance and playability of this unique, and not really Boggle-like, word game, for up to 8 players, or more, depending on your patience.

Blast It! is the second Piatnik game to receive the Major FUN Award, and is available from Biffleys


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