The Play of Art and vice versa

As this search for signs of fun progresses, I seem to be including more and more of the arts. So far, two Major FUN Awards have been given to artists: one to a poet, the other to an event artist.

Recently, thanks again to the vigilance of Ultimate Insult for catching signs of the art of play and play of art on the web, I found Yellow Tail - a simple, unique, animated drawing toy that borders on genuinely interactive art. This turns out to be one of many "works by golan levin and collaborators" on a site called "Flong." Among their many projects, I happened to catch this RE:Mark & Hidden Worlds of Noise and Voice - an interactive art exhibit that looks like what one may clearly call "fun." See this video for further evidence.

Somewhere along the same continuum is this exceptional collection of games from Orisinal. Maybe not so artsy-playsy, maybe more basically fun-and-gamesy, but even more to be admired for their aesthetically delicious environments - blending subtle colors, sounds, and music with honest humor. I guess for many these games are simply too much fun to be called "art." Which is a loss for the art world.

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