Playing With Time - from the sublime to the well-nigh ridiculous

Click on this girl's face and watch her age 50 years in 20 seconds. Presurfer led me to this rather remarkable site called "Playing with Time." What I found myself rather remarking about was how I hadn't, until this site, quite realized that all this high-speed-slow-to-stop-motion time-lapse stuff was exactly that - playing with time. Go to their Gallery for an inspiring collection of QuickTime clips, ranging in span from 20 microseconds to 240 million years.

For a sublime perspective on time-shifting, take a look at the Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD Imaging site. For yet further sublimity, with a definite touch of humor, try the Bio-Perceptitorium where you'll find the much-vaunted, and somewhat yucky Sea Slug movie. And then, for a taste of the ridiculous, try these time-lapse road-trip videos from Speedy Cam

You can purchase clips for your own library from Many of these are commercial grade, and, even if you're not in the market, it's worth the browse.

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