One giant leap in the search for signs of playfulness on the Internet comes from Ze Frank's collection of Interactive Toys. Then comes a lot of hopping around.

I first found out about Ze Frank (yes, apparently his first name is Ze, and Frank his last) when pointed by various bloggers to his Build Your Own Kaleidoscope - a blend between a drawing toy and a looking toy. Later, I was pointed to Draw Toy vs. Byokal - an even more drawy draw toy with a Kaleidoscopic view. Finally, I made my way to his homepage, were I found 18 more different Interactive Toys to keep me hopping. I started from the top of the list with Your Mama - a kind of interactive, animated face puppet. Next, a Draw Toy (which might very well have been the inspiration for the draw toy that versused the Kaleidoscope) that includes amusingly animated brushes. Then I hopped around to a couple other Kaleidoscopic toys - For Shelda's Mom and Kale2. And, well, I kept hopping until I had visited each of Ze's other 15 virtual toyish wonders.

Then I hopped over and found a list of 17 "Things to Watch or Look At" - each of which is further evidence of Ze's standing as a true artist and technowit. Hopping over again, I found a list of "Projects to Participate in" which includes the playful, yet fashionable Toilet Paper Project. And then I found myself seriously having a need to contribute to the Gyro and Draw Toy galleries of images created by using Ze's hitherto unmentioned interactive toy Gyro and, of course, Meine Kleine Draw Toy.

Ze's page is more than a collection of virtual virtuosity, it is testimony to the art of play, and vice versa.

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