Recess Advocates

\We all have mixed feelings about recess. Some of our best memories. Some we're still trying to forget. And despite the worst of those memories, if someone had told us that they were going to take recess away, we'd have been outraged. Which is maybe what we have to start being. Because that's what they're doing, all across the United States, and even in the UK. They're taking recess away. Legislating it right out of existence. And doing it with such thoroughness that the only way some of us are going to see recess again is if we get people to legislate it back in - like they did, recently, with Georgia House Bill 103.

According to one article, "as many as four out of ten schools nationwide, and 80 percent of the schools in Chicago, have decided there's no time for recess. Instead of romping in playgrounds, kids are being channeled into more classes in an effort to make their test scores rise on an ever-higher curve."

The good news is that there are people who are standing up to all this silliness. They call themselves "Recess Advocates." Sponsored by the American Association for the Child's Right to Play, the IPA-USA helps articulate the The Case for Elementary School Recess, provides a great list of links to other articles, and strategies for promoting recess in your own community.

Now, if only someone would do this for all us recess-deprived adults....

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