Playing with Memory

Stare! is what you'd call a "memory game." Having an historically bad memory (I think), I've always eschewed memory games. I don't play them very often, either. Stare! offers a collection of richly detailed drawings on cards. On the back of each card are equally richly detailed questions about the drawing - which, of course, you can no longer see. Questions like: how many flowers, what colors were the shoes, what was the name on the book cover. We played it. And, from time to time, we actually answered correctly. So we played it some more. And, wonder of wonders, we got better.

Then there is that kids' game called "Concentration," where all you have to do is find two matching cards in an array of cards, you know, turning them over one at a time. It isn't at all like Stare, except that it's also a memory game, and also a game I don't play very much. I forget why. It is also a game you can get better at. It is also a game that you can play with almost any kinds of images - as long as they are in pairs. And, in this wonderful Concentration Collection from Ze Frank, it is also a collection of wonderfully animated images that are so delightful to discover that it almost makes the game worth playing - even if you do have to remember things.

O, before I forget, if you're really in to playing with memory, here's this page of "experiments and games to test your memory." Even though it looks like it's for kids, I'm sure there was a reason I thought you'd find it clickworthy, linkwise.

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