Re-use, recycle, rejoice

Trash Sculpture - how about this as the culminating activity Community Pride Week: have everybody make sculptures out of the trash we collected Some idea, eh. Some kind of crazy California thing. Even though it's in Washington State. I mean, it takes a certain amount of guts to suggest something like this. Something this, well, playful. Apparently, somebody at the Mt. Adams Chamber of Congress was responsible for this. Somehow, some Champion of Fun was able to transform the work of cleaning up into a celebration of creativity and humor.

Then there's Recyclabots - the works of mixed-media artists Opie and Linda O'Brien. Clearly, these are also the work of Heroes of the Playful. They are also heroic in a way, in a fun way - making something out of junk, something funny-looking, something fun - and calling it "art." It takes a certain heroism, from fun champions whose vision is clear enough and sense of play strong enough that they can use what many of us have been tempted to call "trash" to create objects whose main aesthetic is fun, and yet can carry a message like: re-use, recycle, rejoice.

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