Paper Mazes

In my story "Mazes Online and Not," I write about online interactive mazes, and give passing mention to paper mazes. Included in that brief overview is a description of Megamazes. On closer examination, and with some friendly guidance from the site's developers, I've learned that the art of designing paper mazes is one worthy of much appreciation, Megamazes being one of the foremost among the to-be-appreciated.

In fact, designing paper mazes is in itself an art. At least in the hands of an artist. Though Jody Hall's Mazoons are purportedly designed for children (most were more than challenging enough for this purported adult), his concept of combining mazes with cartoon art is original and delightful.

Christopher Berg is another paper maze artist, whose site,, is among the most technically sophisticated, and includes: a precious few, unique, printable, shaped mazes, a great overview of the history of mazes, and an excellent collection of links to others in the amazing maze art world.

Finally, at least for the purposes of this brief survey, we come to Mark Michell's Mazes. Mark has developed the art of creating Word Mazes. To accomplish this, he has also created maze-generating software. The "FUN" maze, illustrated in this article, is an example of the product of his unique software. Visiting his site will lead you to many, many more examples. And, should you not find the maze-word you are looking for, an email to Mark might very well result in a new maze word, just for you.

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