Carrom, anyone?

According to the Online Guide to Traditional Games, "Carrom, Carums, Karom or Karum is most popular on the Indian subcontinent although versions of it are played right across Asia encompassing the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen, Central Asia from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and as far East as China, Malaysia and Indonesia." This photo shows two men from Java playing on home made board, using bottlecaps for pieces.

Carrom is very closely related to Crokinole, which is most assuredly not Carroms, and yet, oddly similar.

Which might remind the older, and/or more informed reader of a street game called, oddly enough, "Skully" where you "use your fingers to shoot your piece (a bottlecap, poker chip, or other small item) through the course drawn on the street, then 'kill' all the other players, leaving you the winner."

Which might cause a moment of pleasant amazement as you contemplate how games migrate from place to place, culture to culture, generation to generation, like a thread, keeping humanity together, in stitches.

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