Four-Way Volleyball

Four-Way Volleyball? But of course.

According to this site: "4-Way Volleyball requires 4 teams of 6 to 16 players simultaneously competing against each other. Four regulation volleyball nets extend outward 20 feet from a common center pole to 4 outside poles. Ways of scoring points can vary, depending on program design. For example, if a team fails to return the ball, the other 3 teams may gain a point. Two different color balls may be used simultaneously throughout the game to increase the challenge, and one color ball may score higher points than the other. Using beach balls makes the game easier and fun for everyone. Each round is comprised of a set number of consecutive serves, 4 per team. Otherwise, the rules are the same as the traditional game."

Exactly the way we played it 27 years ago at Philadelphia's celebration of the Bicentennial. Except we used a 6-foot-diameter Earthball. So getting it across the net, no matter which way you were trying, was something of a feat in itself, and frequently required the cooperation of two adjoining teams.

And we didn't keep score.

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