Curious Joys

Because of the intrepid research of Rob Cockerham and staff, authors of the "How Much is Inside website, we can now, with smug assurance, tell each other that a 2-pound bag of popping corn will yield 7/34 gallons of popcorn.

Yes, yes, of course, you say, but do they know how long a pair of "D" cell batteries will last? Well, as a matter of fact, they do. As do they know how many cups of coffee you can get from a pound of coffee beans. Or, for that matter, how much of an Oreo cookie is cream and how much cookie?

What is everywhere evident in this site is how much fun Rob and his cohorts are having - merely for the sake of indulging their own curiosity. And, of course, thinking about how it will help us indulge ours.

Each investigation is carefully illustrated, documenting the humor as well as thoroughness of their scientific explorations. Each is an invitation to the reader to do the same. Indulging our collective curiosity is its own play form - one that can bring a family or community together for an evening of informative, scientific, and yet truly meaningless fun.

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