The Museum of Burnt Food

The Museum of Burnt Food is, as advertised, a museum of food that has been, well, burnt. I quote:

"The muse of the culinarily overzealous, food suffers silently throughout the most rigorous ministrations. This exhibit dramatically illustrates the extent to which food must suffer for our art. One look at the size of the toast AFTER it has undergone its MBF transformation shows just how much the toast itself has put into that most awesome metamorphosis. Let's hear it for the effort of the art itself, not just the artist!"

Also displayed in this most significantly burnt collection: quiche, an orange, a potato, pizza toast, soy hot dogs, a lemon, a tomato, apple cider residue in a frying pan, a bagel, a plastic tumbler (not food, but clearly food-related) and a shrimp-kebab.

Reading on, we learn that: "Deborah Henson-Conant is the curator of (and founder and primary contributor to) the Burnt Food Museum. The museum is housed in Arlington, Massachusetts, but is temporarily closed due to fire damage."

Yes, yes, it is another website to be filed under irreconcilablee Silliness," yet at the same time it documents what a gift playfulness is in that it can so successfully transform the somewhat tragic into the genuinely comic.

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