The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products

Now online, for your amusement and enlightenment, it's The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products". You know, the same ACME people who supply the Road Runner with all his wonderful, semi-functional gadgets.

"ACME is a worldwide leader of many manufactured goods. From its humble beginnings providing corks and flypaper to bug collectors ("Buddy's Bug Hunt/1935") to its heyday in the American Southwest supplying a certain coyote, from Ultimatum Dispatchers to Batman outfits, ACME has set the standard for excellence. For the first time ever, information and pictures of all ACME products, specialty divisions, and services featured in Warner Bros. cartoons (made by the original studio from 1935 to 1964) are gathered here, in one convenient catalog."

There's something poignantly fun and semi heroic about these gadgets. They are genuine embodiments of the play-creativity connection, revealing something fundamental about ourselves and our search for technology-based salvation. They are ingenious. Filled with promise. And yet, in our heart of hearts, the thing that really makes them fun is the suspicion that Wiley Coyote actually knows that they really won't work.

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