Paper Plate Origami

Paper Plate Origami - the whole notion sounds a little, well, silly. I guess because anything made out of paper plates has a certain silly ambiance to it. Paper plates, after all, are, well, not the stuff of art as we know it. At least, not until we discover the work and passion of mathematician Bradford Hansen-Smith, whose site, called "Wholemovement," is called Wholemovement because, as Hansen-Smith explains, "... is the comprehensive understanding of the word geometry. Geometry is defined as earth measure, the measure of things of the earth. Geo means earth. The earth is spherical. The sphere is the only form we know that is inherently Whole. Measure is about movement. Wholemovement is the movement of the whole to itself."

This is deep stuff. It is also beautiful. And, most importantly, it is a gateway to yet more fun. Though Hansen-Smith doesn't use the "F" word (fun), a casual click through his gallery reveals his deepest secret. Making all these amazing shapes out of paper plates is, despite the claims of geometric significance, great fun.

I especially enjoyed his introduction to his links section, in which he reveals both his fascination with and his enjoyment of all things geometrical:

"...And so it is with geometry; the movement of pushing and pulling, stretching, compressing , loud and soft, density and openness, folding into to and out of spatial arrangements and proportional relationships gives meaning that reveals value. In the movement from one model to another is where we find understanding. "

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