A Bicycle Built for Seven

The Conference Bike is probably one of the most inspirational, and perhaps funniest examples of the power of the Human-Technology-Fun (H-T-F) connection. I wrote about it over a year ago (Aug. 22, 2002), and am delighted to learn that it has proven successful enough to spawn the development of two new models.

I quote: "The ConferenceBike is pedalled by 7 riders sitting in a circle, elbow to elbow. One of them steers; the others are free to pedal or not as it glides effortlessly along. The ConferenceBike has a powerful and universial social effect: It induces laughter and lowers inhibitions. After a few minutes riding, total strangers start talking and laughing and end up exchanging phone numbers."

Inventor Eric Staller explains: "We live in an age of mobility and convenience. Our technology, our cars and laptops and cellphones, are insulating us more and more. The ConferenceBike is an antidote, a symbol and a tool for coming together; where the boardroom meets the gym, takes a ride in the park and says YES! to life."

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