Games in Black and White

Mike Petty creates "Black and White Games. They may be printed in black and white, but they most definitely look like fun. The game in the picture is a word game named "What's It To Ya?. The rules: "Five items are placed on the table - things like 'Hope,' 'Garbage Collectors,' and 'Underwear.' Now everyone has to rank them in order of importance. Players get points when they match the rankings of other players." Fun-sounding? Along with this $4.50 game you'll find a template for making your own cards on his website.

"Each Black & White Game I produce reflects my philosophy about games: Ideally they should be inexpensive, simple and fun. I love playing games, but for me, the fun comes from the competition, mental stimulation and the people that I'm playing with. I don't find I enjoy games more because they're printed in full color or because they come in fancy boxes. So, the games I sell as "Black & White Games" will never have expensive components. As it is right now, these games are printed on cardstock and each copy is made pretty much on demand... This method of publishing the games is inexpensive, but it also allows me to make additions, changes and expansions for games quickly."

It is difficult, and sadly all too-often downright depressing to be a lone game entrepreneur. Mike apparently has the energy and vision needed to transcend the limitations of the marketplace. More power to you Mike, and from you to all Playingkind.

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