Intergenerational Fun

It's my personal contention, as if contentious is something I could personally be, that an exploration of Intergenerational Fun can be far more productive than that restricted to Intergenerational Games.

I have, nevertheless, compiled a rather stunning collection of Intergenerational Games to which I herewith link. What I find especially stunning about this collection is that the games are each and all fun - the kind of fun that a grandchild and grandparent uniquely share and can create uniquely for each other. Uniquely. Fun.

Yet I still find myself needing to point out that it's really not the games at all. Or only insofar as the games are invitations for grandparents and grandchildren to become partners in fun, wherever they want to go with it, wherever it takes them, playing a game, singing a song, taking a walk, maybe a nap, even.

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