Craftster is an open discussion board where members exchange ideas on how to use junk to create craftly wonders like: Starburst candy wrapper bracelets, Sock Bunnies, and solid perfume cases out of birth control dispensers. Even if you don't like making things, you gotta love Craftster. We're not talking Martha Stewart here. We're talking about a community of people who are having fun sharing ideas and insights about transforming trash into treasure. Take a look, for yet another example, at the discussion about transforming old CDs, AOL CDs, and CD cases. Here are just a few of the ideas generated by the virtual Craftster community: mobiles, 3D stars, drawer pulls, coasters, paint testers, fish sculptures, flowers, disco ball, lamps, art quilts. There's also a discussion about the glories and dangers of putting them in the microwave.

The Craftster community is probably one of the best examples of a Fun Community on the web. Its participants are playful, creative, and remarkably supportive of each other's ideas, interests, and concerns. There's a lot of heart here. You can see it in the discussions about what to make for people who are serving in Iraq, people who are grieving or looking for a new job. And in its small way, it's play in service of the planet - focusing people's creativity and inventiveness on recycling, reusing, and reconstructing this very planet.

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