Junk Craft

This is an image of a "disco ball" made from Christmas lights and clear plastic Dixie cups. It should answer any remaining questions you might have about why I'm directing your collective attention to Craftster, a virtual community of unsung artisans who seem to take endless delight in crafting semi-useful objects out of, well, junk.

There is something heroic about their efforts. Take, for a relatively random example, the discussion about "what the heck can I do with" Old CDs / AOL CDs / AOL CD Cases. It has long been a burning question amongst those of us who hate to throw away those amazingly holographically rainbowishly shiny products of high technology, almost as much as they hate receiving them in the mail. Here's one of several hundred answers to the CD conundrum: "there are a ton of things you can do with old cds. you can make a 'beaded' curtain. by drilling holes in the top and bottom and connecting them by wire, string, whatever you fancy. or you can break them into pieces and glue them on a ball or something, for a version of the disco ball. or, i sometimes just set them on a table and burn my candles on them. that way i don't have to buy and holder, but the wax doesn't ruin my table! just have fun!"

"Just have fun!" I couldn't've said it better myself.

The virtual community created by Leah Kramer "who is a lifelong crafty gal and self-proclaimed craft addict" is equally remarkable. Because it attracts people with no claims to artisthood, whose quiet passion to re-use and re-cycle is couched in the most modest of enterprises, it is nothing short of an ideal fun community. She writes: "By day Leah is a programmer at an educational software company and by night she maintains Craftster.org, fills orders at her retail website Craftastic.com, and tries to keep up with all the crafty urges that cloud her brain. Leah resides in the Boston area. She thinks that writing about herself in the third person is really weird. Not that she would know of course."

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