Kite Powered Sports

Correspondent Chris Saeger sent me a link to a hearteningly playful site for kids called "Howtoons." Both he and I were attracted to the spirit of the site - giving kids a collection of semi-scientific projects that include such delights as the Shockwave Air Cannon and Crutchskates. Most of the activities are of the kind you simply wouldn't find in science class - a bit, well, shall we say "on the edge." Which makes them especially attractive to kids. And to most of us mislabeled adults. On the other hand, the site is just a little too kid-focused to make it classically Funloggable.

On the other hand, there was a link on the site that took me to Zeroprestige, a site most deliciously devoted to "the design iteration of kitesurfing and kitepowered sports." And it is therein I choose to rest today's case.

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