The Need for Fun

Roger Greenaway is a treasured friend and long-time Bernie-and-fun advocate whose Active Reviewing site is a treasured resource for people interested in "Active Learning" (may their numbers increase and prosper). He's also a member of the Playful Path (formerly known as "Deep Fun") discussion group.

Today, he sent us a link to psychologist William Glasser's Five Needs. Glasser is the founder of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-Management. His Five Needs are an extension of Abraham Maslow's famous Hierarchy of Needs illustrated here.

I know, I know. It's a very long, and oddly fun-lacking introduction, but these are each important resources for me, and explain why this comparatively little story is getting such big play here.

Glasser goes beyond Maslow's position that self-actualization is the ultimate need to conjecture that perhaps, after we've taken care of such things as the need for Survival, Love and belonging, Power or recognition, and Freedom, we can attend to the ultimate need. And you know what need that is. FUN.

Heed the need.

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