The Sense of Humor Project

" a new charity, running dynamic projects which tackle extreme social problems by applying excellent communications' solutions."

One of the focal points of this new charity will be The Sense of Humour Project, which, I quote at length: "will bring extra joy and pleasure into the lives of people with profound and multiple disabilities and of their carers. Many people with severe learning disabilities, especially those with additional handicaps, lead very grey lives, and of course enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone else does. Colleagues who have very specialist communications' skills (eg speech and language therapists) and who love creating happiness (eg comic actors) will find out and share the sorts of things people particularly enjoy."

How to they propose to do that? I quote again at length, from an example of how they might bring a little Brightness into the life of a boy named Karim:

  • listening to humorous tapes, including ones in Arabic from Morrocco where Karim's parents came from

  • trampolining or other slightly off-beat sports

  • go-karting and other excitingly non-mollycoddling leisure activities (very few mollies are likely to be coddled on this project)

  • reflexology or other physical experiences appropriate for adults (tickling of adults, for example, is unlikely to be encouraged by our project...)

  • being with animals, including handling weird reptiles

  • listening to the Osbournes swear at each other on TV

  • visiting the circus

  • being with other people who are laughing a lot, including kids who are messing about

There's something very bright about Bright. Bright in that it manifests a certain intelligence that is not found in the majority of institutions - the intellignence to perceive that something as trivial as fun could be of so great a value to those with profound and multiple disabilities. Bright because it holds a happy promise for everyone it touches.

Shine on!


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