Playing with the grandkids

Here's another good source for grandparents who take their grandparenting seriously - or is it playfully? Divided into five different age groups, the source offers advice that is practical and sensible, and, for the most part, a reliable path to real fun for everyone involved. Compiled by Joy Stevens and Jan Wilson, with contributions from readers, each section is filled with simple, time-tested, age-appropriate ideas for finding fun.

This is only one of the resources offered through the Grandparents Web. As soon as you discover that there's link to a section on discipline, you know that you're looking at a resource based on a very solid appraisal of the art of grandparenting.

Though the resources I have to add to this very deep collection of grandparental wisdom are comparatively very slight, they just might prove inspirational enough to lead you to yet another conceptual slew of cross-generational joy. See, therefore, this.

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