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Alas, I cannot hide myself from the allure of drinking games. It's not the drink, don't you know, that drawns me ever thither. It's the silliness. And the repeatedly delightful discovery that much fun and insobriety is to be had from these games, even (and perhaps especially) when sober. Thus my joy at having discovered The Webtender Index of drinking games.

I link my way over to "collections" to the first site, apparently called "Beer Drinking Games, and from thence to the game of Beirut, as depicted herein, is a case in significant point. At first blush, the rules are deceptively simple. Until you read them or someone tries to explain them to you. This seems to be a common and much-beloved characteristic of drinking games. Here are a few exemplary:

BOUNCE RULE - You can bounce a ball into the other teams cup, however once it bounces they can swat it away. If the ball lands in the cup it counts as 2 cups. Possession goes to the receiving team.

GOAL TENDING - Swatting the ball. If you swat the ball away before it hits the table or a cup the other team gets another shot or a cup is taken away, depending on how close the shot is. Usually decided by both teams at the time of the foul.

RICOCHET - If a ball bounces off an object other then the table (i.e. a player from the other team) while trying to swat at it AND goes into a cup, it counts. Sucks when this happens!

And the deleriously sexist, unabashedly adolescent:

BLOW RULE - ONLY WOMEN CAN BLOW! If a ball lands in a cup and is spinning around, a girl can try to blow the ball out of the cup and it won't count if it comes out. Yeah!

Scoff you may. But fun it is. Fun of what one might even call a junkyardly sort.

For a significant collection of the aforementioned, see also Drinkity

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should have a Drinking Games Convention where all of the participants are required to buy a room at a hotel, and the games are played in one of the banquet rooms at the same hotel.



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