Frisbee Forever!

Fortunately for all of us who like to make up new sports, the flying disc (a.k.a. Frisbee) continues to prove itself as an inspiring invitation to grace and contest. Witness Double Disc Court, a game played between two pairs of players, with two discs. In brief: "The courts are 13 meters square and 17 meters apart. You get one point for a throw that lands and stays in the opponents' court. Your opponents get one point if your throw touches outside their court. If you can arrange it so that the other team is touching both discs at the same time, you get two points. That is called "doubling" your opponents."

Here, from Robbie Robinson, an insight into the strategic depths: "As the two discs approach their court they must decide how to escape the double attempt. They can either catch and throw the first disc quickly before the other disc arrives or they can TIP a disc up in the air giving their partner enough time to catch and quickly throw the other disc. Then the tipped disc can be caught and thrown back at the opponent in a double attempt."

But, as they say on TV, wait, there's more. There's, for example, Durango Boot where players try to hit "score cones" with their discs - kinda like Disc Golf and Guts combined.

O, the possibilities are endless. May they continue to be explored.

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