More Urban Golf

Now that we've awakened to the depth and reach of Junkyard Golf, we are now a bit more prepared to consider Urban Golf

The message on the home page: "everybody sucks. The worse you play, the more fun you have. And that's what this game is all about. Having fun, not winning."

An excerpt from their blog takes us deeper into the bizarre, and clearly fun-like reality of the Urban Golf Course Developer:

"So, finally, Big Mike and I scoped out a course near him on the decommissioned naval base in Alameda. Yesterday was our first official outing on the new course. It went well and the course is varied enough to be interesting, but it looks like this will be a daytime-only course due to the lack of sufficient lighting. It's quiet with very little traffic and hopefully not too toxic... "

One final moment of hard-won, Urban Golf-like wisdom, as explicated in the rules section of the website: "There is no one person in charge. You are not the leader of the group. Get over yourself. All decisions and adjustments to the game should be agreed upon by the golfers present. If you have a god complex, move to the mountains, start a cult, and stay the hell out of the way."

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