Parking Spots

One could argue that much of the joy of junk comes not from the junk itself, but from the shift of perspective that comes with seeing the junk as something more or even other. "In a way," one's argument might go, "it is the essence of playfulness, this ability to undefine a piece of junk and see not the just reality of it, but also the illusion." Hence, one's fascination with a weblog called "Parking Spots" wherein one can plainly see one's perspective playfully shifted.

This is one of those extremely laconic websites, assembled by a person of few words, and one, single, surprisingly clever idea. The cleverness is reflected in the rules:

1 Shoot a toy car next to a real one
2 Make the toy car look like a real car by having it seem to be the same size
3 look at the pictures in the gallery to get the idea
4 Take the picture.
5 Have your method of holding the small car in place be visible. In other words let the people see your hand, tripod or a rail.

There, in the making the method of holding the small car in place be visible, lies the elegance of it all. Some illusions, for them to work their illusory wonders, must be made apparent. Or they're just not funny enough to be fun.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good finds Bern, this and Urban Golf -- both are definitely on my to-do list now!

Peace, Noise


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