Recycling Cycling

They call themselves Cyclecide. On first glance, they're a bunch of clowns riding around on tricked-up bicycles. On second glance, yup, they're still a bunch of clowns.

"The Bike Rodeo is a touring, punk rock bicycle amusement park and showcase of modified bicycles, such as the tall bike (two bicycle frames welded together), the bicycle chopper, the fire breathing Chupacabra, the bottle rocket armed Homeland Security bike and many more..."Too dumb to die!" is the motto of these heavy pedal maniacs."
Quote from Laughing Squid

Amusement park? Take a look at this clip of their human-powered bicycle merry-go-round thing.

Their goal in life? Spreading the "...message of the Reconstituted Bike with freakish 'alter-cycles', messy klown makeup, and beer. Lots of beer."

Things are not always fun or easy for the Cycleciders. A blog from Summer Burkes shares both the nitty and the gritty. Sometimes, grittier than you'd think, like "...this little thing where a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and we got rear-ended by a semi and it put the brakes on everything. Everyone's mostly OK so don't worry. OK?"

OK. Not worried. But appreciating. Definitely appreciating.

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