Rock-Scissors-Paper, Tic Tac Toe, Battleship and Beyond

Free Board Games - Simultaneous Movement: "A collection of free board games for two players, all with the theme of simultaneous movement -- both players move at the same time." (Warning - this connects you to which connects you to pop-up windows of sometimes distracting content.) For me, one of the most original (and strategically least complex) of the collection was Missile Match - a kind of tic-tac-toeish Battleship-type game where the designer, very creatively, uses dominoes as pieces: one number on the domino indicating how many spaces to move, the other to determine the power of the piece.

The simultaneous turn-taking thing feels, I dunno, cooperative somehow, even though we're competing. For some reason, I found myself curiously drawn to a stock trading game that uses Rock-Paper-Scissors as its strategic and chance component. I guess because I've always admired the depth and simplicity of Rock-Scissors-Paper, and the clearly sillier Rock-Scissors-Bomb-Bird-Water Chopper.

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There's another variation out there called "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock." Yes, really. No, I don't remember where I found it (dammit).


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