Q: What would happen if you combined soccer with tennis, hockey and basketball, and maybe lacrosse, with a bit of football thrown in and around?

A:Toccer'd happen.

More questions? Read the Toccer Times, a weblog that chronicles the development of the game and even more important, the spirit and energy of Ron Bronson, Jr., its inventor, wherein Ron explains:

"I love hockey, because at any given time the puck could be down the ice and two players could combine for a one-timer or one players will break away for a goal.

I love football, because of the physical play and the awesome feeling of scoring a touchdown - or intercepting a player and running it back for a score.

I love baseball, because chicks dig the longball.

I love basketball, because the skill it takes to make no-look passes or the confidence that your shot halfway down the court is going in, keeps us tuning it for more.

I love soccer, because nothing is more awesome than seeing a player get stuffed on an awesome save by the keeper.

I love lacrosse, because its physical - yet requires amazing skill to control the ball and to score.

I love tennis, because of hard serves and the years it takes to learn how to place the ball right where you want it to go.

But most of all, I love TOCCER because it COMBINES ALL OF THEM but has a style and a feeling of its own."

The rules? Well, they're evolving, as is probably everybody who gets to play the game. Here's part of the most recent version: "The ball can be dribbled on the racquet or kicked. Generally, players are not allowed to pick up the ball out of the air. Instead, they may only pick the ball up when it is dead or they make the ball dead by placing their racquet on top of the ball while it is on the ground to make it dead. The exceptions to this rule are players known as the rover and sweeper. Each team has one of these players apiece. Sweepers are defensive specialists, who may use their hands at will - but may not carry the ball for more than three seconds at a time. Sweepers are also prohibited from crossing the line that divides the field down the middle. (Called the mid line) Rovers are subject to the same rules, except they are not restricted to just the defensive end of the field."

However it evolves - how complex or elegant the rules become - as long as there are sports to be combined, and rules to be invented, and its inventor is around to share his energy and delight, Toccer is a unique invitation to play and grace, and a vivid manifestation of the art of junkyard sportscraft, and all therein implied.


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Blogger Aryan.. said...

Dear Bernie,
I am Arun Oza from India,
i wish to know more about "Toccer",
and i would like to promote this spot in my country,
kindly guide me for the same,

Blogger Bernie said...

The last I heard from anyone associated with Toccker was on Twitter - - saying "We're working on bringing back soon. this was on Aug 24th of this year.


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