I'm Sorry, I haven't Got a Clue - the Compendium

It's called "I'm Sorry, I Haven't Got a Clue." It's also called "the antidote to panel games." Yes, it's very UK, as it were, so to speak, filled with obscure localisms and terribly dry humor. It's a bit of an improv, don't you know, and somewhat of a test of wit. And here is a virtual compendium of said same. For example:

cow, lake, bomb
A variation on the ancient playground game of Paper, Scissors, Stone where two players hold out a hand in one of three shapes; the premise being that paper wraps stone, stone blunts scissors, and scissors cuts paper. This is a grown up version of the game that follows the same principles as the original game but is specially adapted for the wireless. Each team is furnished with several sound effects including a cow, a lake, and a bomb. After the chairman counts to three, each team plays in one of the effects and he announces the winner. The rules are fairly self explanatory - obviously cow drinks lake, lake extinguishes bomb, and bomb blows up cow.

musical shakespeare

The Chairman asks the panellists to sing the words of various popular Shakespearean passages to certain well known contemporary tunes of his choosing. The panellists are accompanied on the piano...

tag wrestling

Each team is given a punch line of a story. One team starts telling a story with the aim of finishing with their punch line. When the Chairman blows his horn the other team picks up the story and adapts it towards their punch line. This continues until one team manages to deliver their punch line.

word for word
One team member starts by uttering a word drawn from a selection limited only by his imagination. His team mate should then say a word completely unconnected with the one before. The opposing team may challenge if they notice a connection.

To get an even better idea of what this silliness is all about, listen here.

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