When I'm helping people develop their own Junkyard Sports event, I find myself, from time to time, having to seek alternatives to the traditional socks, pantyhose, waterbottle, grocery bag collection process. I encounter a certain, well, squeamishness. And whether on not it's justifiable, the fact is that for some people, the idea of re-using stuff from a local recycling center is laden with germy implications and auras of potential nastiness. This is where organizations like the Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts become an invaluable resource, and positive inspiration for new levels of junkly joy. They explain:
SCRAP is a creative reuse center, store and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California. Donations of re-usable materials such as textiles, paper, jewelry findings, wood, buttons and plastics are collected from businesses, institutions and individuals and distributed to art and educational groups.

By breathing new life into old objects, SCRAP reduces the amount of waste going to crowded landfills. By offering low cost art and re-use workshops and providing schools and organizations with badly needed art supplies, SCRAP stimulates creativity and environmental awareness.

Manufacturers save money on their disposal costs and receive tax benefits. Artists transform SCRAP materials into sculptures, paintings, and other masterpieces. Children and adults learn how to "REDUCE, RE-USE AND RECYCLE." Anyone can contribute by donating clean, reusable materials that might otherwise be thrown away.
A couple decades ago, such scrap centers were in almost every major metropolitan area, serving artists, educators, fashion designers, and the cool and groovy. Sadly, as education became more occupied with testing than learning, economy than ecology, there are only a few, highly exemplary organizations like SCRAP. On the other hand, knowing that at least one has survived for more than 25 years, is more than reassuring. It's a promise of a resource for generations of Junkmasters, just like you.

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