Three-Sided Football?

Innocently browsing through one of my favorite Wikipedia articles on "Invented Sport. I came across a game called, in similar-seeming innocence, "Three Sided Football"

I, myself, having previously contemplated the various ramifications of 3-sided sports, was therefore stimulated to click onwards, whereupon I learned that "Three-sided football is a situationist game meant to disrupt one's everyday idea of football. A variant of two-sided football, it was devised by the Danish situationist Asger Jorn. Played on a hexagonal pitch, the game can be adapted for similarity to soccer as well as other versions of football. It has been promoted in England, Scotland, Italy, Serbia and Austria by the Luther Blissett Three-sided Football League. The first known game played was organized by the London Psychogeographical Association at the Glasgow Anarchist Summer School in 1993."

Lured inexorably onward, I found myself on this significantly unexpurgated page (not for kids or those seeking clarity) whereupon I learned that:

"Unlike two-sided football, no team keeps a record of the number of goals they score. However they do keep a tally of the goals they concede, and the winner is determined as the team which concedes least goals. The game deconstructs the mythic bi-polar strcuture of conventional football, where an us-and-them struggle mediated by the referee mimics the way the media and the state pose themselves as "neutral" elements in the class struggle."

Reading on, I found myself so far beyond the reach of tongue in cheek, that I eventually had no recourse but to share this playful perplexity with you.

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