Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing is, apparently, the name of the game.

I quote from a clearly informed source:
"Extreme Ironing is a sport which combines the danger and the spirit of an extreme sport with boring housework you have to do. By Extreme Ironing the sportsman gets a great fitness and he is always looking smart.

"Extreme Ironing calls on you to take your iron and your board to extreme places to iron your clothes there. That can happen on a mountain, in a forrest, in lakes, rivers, etc, on crowded public places or wherever you like. There is no limit.

"Extreme Ironing... is also dangerous. So you have to handle your iron very carefully and at the beginning it is a good advise to do Extreme Ironing at not too dangerous places. Just practice on not too steep slopes or in your backgarden. Do never ever Extreme Ironing on your own if you are not a professional. Otherwise you ask for danger. There are some protections for your arms and so on. Please use it."

"The object of extreme ironing, which was apparently invented in Britain, is 'to take ironing to the edge by demonstrating a spectacular or creative ironing style, whilst taking the creases out of your clothes'."

My favorite part - the slogan: "HAVE FUN, LOOK TIDY"

Link courtesy of Bruce Williamson

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the babelfish translation of www.ironing.de adds a little extra something ...

Extreme Ironing in different style directions
The idea was born to "extremes Ironing" 1997 on a wonderful summer day in the English Leicester, Great Britain: The factory hand Phillip Shaw had it fullly to at home spend the day with housework and decided short hand to undertake a mountain tour - including handle laundry and iron -. Also this failed idea did not only please his buddy Paul Nicks very well and in such a way remained it with this route. In the course of the months the two pioneers of the extreme ironing ever more humans, which bepackt with ironing board and iron, their dresses followed at always different places ...

We saw the world championships on TV here in the UK. Spectacular stuff.


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