Junkyard Sports on Niteline

I just got a call from someone on ABC's news program Niteline.

Looks like Junkyard Sports is going to get it's 1.5 seconds of fame tonight. Apparently it was selected more or less randomly to be mentioned among several many "other" blogs that support the observation that not all blogs are political.

This, and $3.00, will get you a double latte.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, Bernie! There's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Peace, Love & Happy Blogging,
Noise E Piranha

ps - I can't believe a double latte suburban LA is only $3.00!

Blogger Bernie said...

Thanks for the congrats, Noise. I guess it's a question of how long they'll actually give to the blog, and whether it actually connects with anything or anyone. But it's a gift, no matter how you look at it. And I appreciate your celebrating it with me.

As for the $3.00 double latte, next time you're in Redondo Beach, I'll treat you.

Anonymous Rog Verhulst said...

Well, old friend, Nightline connected with me -- and enabled me to connect with you. Think back to The Game Room, Chicago Trib, late 70s, by Roger Verhulst. I'd been mourning your apparent absence from this mortal plane for at least 10 years, and I'm delighted to have rediscovered you. I'll update you using your Contact email address. Meanwhile, cheers -- Rog

Blogger Bernie Dodge said...

Just saw you on Nightline, fellow Bernie. You go, guy! I'm one click away from fame (if I'm still on your blogroll... my blog hasn't been much about fun since the election.) You have at least 14 and a half more minutes coming to you.

Anonymous Hugh M. McNally said...

Bernie, you rule the blogosphere. Where's the video?

-Hugh McNally
Producer, Streetplay.com

Blogger Bernie said...

I still haven't seen the show - it was pre-empted here by the local elections. However, my sister Tivo'd it, and I heard a bit of my 15 seconds of fame.

Apparently, Junkyard Sports was compared to the New York Times. The comparison was something like: we are both legitimate publications, the New York Times is rich, Bernie isn't.

Ah, fame.


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