You can think of it as a billiards game for flat marbles, or maybe something remarkably similar to Carroms or perhaps even the ever-popular Crokinole, but you'd only be kidding yourself. Skully is very much a game in its own right, a street game, played mostly in Brooklyn, very much lovingly documented by my colleagues and friends and co-appreciaters of all things junkish at Streetplay. They explain:
"Skully (a.k.a. skelly, skilsies, skelsies) was one of the most popular street games in the New York City area, and it is still played today, though not as widespread. It is typically played on the street using bottlecaps on a board drawn with chalk. Anywhere from 2 to 6 (or more) players can play. Each neighborhood has its own variations on the rules, but the basic theme is to use your fingers to shoot your piece (a bottlecap, poker chip, or other small item) through the course drawn on the street, then "kill" all the other players, leaving you the winner."
What makes Skully so different from any of the games that it is like, is that it is in spirit and practice a junkyard sport. All the "official" bits are hand made, out of junk like bottle caps and wax and streets and sidewalks and other flat things.

See also Sidney Kurtz's wonderful descriptions and drawings of Philadelphia street games in The way we played.

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