Wheelchair skateboarding

Wheelchair skateboarding is the very kind of sport activity that demonstrates the heart and soul of the "junkyard" approach to sports. Like all skateboarding, the world is a skatepark. Sure, it's always neat to find a dedicated skatepark with artfully constructed ramps and stuff. But the heart of skateboarding can be found on curbs and stair railings and in empty swimming pools.

Using a wheelchair instead of a skateboard, Tyler Deith manages to transform even the official skatepark into its junkly origins. Skateparks aren't designed for wheelchairs. Nobody ever thought that people in wheelchairs should even consider skateboarding. There's no term for the sport that Tyler has created, because, as yet, there are no such things as wheelchair skateparks. The closest I've seen to a label is "Extreme Wheelchair Sports." Me, I like it, a lot, that there are no official names for what Tyler is doing, because it makes it a little more obvious that Tyler is doing it for fun - making fun that much more accessible, that much more universal.

- Thanks for this find go to Grow-a-Brain -

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Anonymous scott horton said...

It awsome watching words i typed up for farfrumwalkn.org a few years ago popping up on the web advertising the same sport i love. Tyler is an awsome skater and a credit to the sport. wheelchairskater.com hopes to see more people just like him finding new abilities. hopefully as a community we can unite and have a good time...nothing like a good concrete massage at your favorite park...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have interviews with Tyler Deith and Aaron Fotheringham (the first person to do a backflip in a wheelchair) on our
Disability Website. You can even see a video of Aaron and his famour backflip. Check it out.


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